Paintball Safety – or – How not to Check to See if You’re Out of Ammo. #1

So, Charles, Greg, and I are playing a renegade game of paintball in Rambo’s backyard. At midnight. During the winter. No I never said I was sane. Anyway, we are playing and the co2 tanks are starting to freeze increasing, the air pressure the semi-auto guns are firing at. Quick bit of paintball info. Paintball guns fire at somewhere between 220 fps and 300 fps. Feet Per Second. 300 fps is about 200 mph. back to the story. So I’m running through the woods firing my gun and I can hear it firing blanks. The balls are not dropping down into the chamber properly due to the temperature. I shake the gun a couple of times to get the balls resorted, and fire the gun. I’m still shooting only air. It’s dark and my only source of light is the crescent moon above. So now I’m thinking to myself, maybe I’m not hearing things correctly. Maybe the gun is really firing and I’m just not seeing it. So I put my hand in front of the barrel and pull the trigger several times. Air. Now I’m pissed off. I shake the gun and fire several more times. Air again. Now I’m fuming mad. I give the gun a real violent shake and fire the gun. First pull of the trigger, air. Second pull of the trigger, air. Third pull of the trigger a frozen paintball flies out at 300 fps (200 mph) and hits my left hand right below my index and middle finger. Luckily I was wearing a glove. Unfortunately, it was not very thick. I was about to scream then I realized I did not want to give away my position. So I stood there for a good deal of time staring at my hand, mouth wide open, and eyes wide open.

It hurt.

It hurt a lot.

Don’t do this at home kids.