Nebraska or Bust – Field Report By Rob Sinatra – Day 2

DAY 2:

Ed and I were able to get up when our wake up call came at 6:00 AM. All the water that I had drank during the night had done its trick. Unfortunately, I still had persistent problems if you catch my meaning. The room then showed its ugly side. The shower was in bad shape. First of all the hot and cold water knobs were reversed. Also anytime you used hot water outside the bathroom, the shower lost all its hot water. Now that we were fully awake we realized that there were no mattress pads or covers, only sheets. We decided to skip the continental breakfast because my stomach was still not in tip top shape. We stopped off at the local pharmacy and bought Immodium AD so that I wouldn’t have to stop on the road every thirty-six seconds. Unfortunately since I had to re-hydrate myself I had to relieve myself every thirty-nine seconds. Another difficulty was that the route we took to get to the “hotel” would not let us get back on 480 West so we had to find an alternate route. A nice and little detour that would pale in comparison to the one that would follow. We got a great jump on the day and left at 8:30 AM with TWO disposable cameras in tow so we could chronicle this momentous trek across the US. Ed and I were able to convince a very nice gas attendant at the local Sunoco to give us our 2nd camera for $8 worth of gas instead of the 8 GALLONS of gas that we actually needed to fulfill the deal. Needless to say that we have a lot of pictures left at the present moment.

Another problem that arose was the time change. Somewhere in Indiana, Ed and I went from Eastern Daylight Savings Time to Central Daylight Savings Time. However, there were no signs telling you to roll back your watch an hour, and the radio station that we were listening to never said what time it was. Not that this was a major difficulty or anything, but it was really discomforting. It was like Ed and I were stuck in some cheesy Dr. Who episode (don’t get me wrong, I love the Doctor, but it was the only comparison I could make). You never realize how important time is until your stuck grasping for it. Try not wearing your watch for a day and you’ll know what I mean.

Now for our getting lost. The trip when we started was pretty straight forward. You just take 80 West and keep on going. However, while playing a fierce installment of the Alphabet game outside of Chicago, IL, we suddenly found ourselves on the road to Wisconsin. Now while Ed and I are particularly fond of cheese, this was not the purpose of our journey. Thanks to the deftness of reading a map while extremely exhausted, brave First Class Navigator Ed plotted us the proper course back through hyper space and once again on 80 West. Then we ran smack dab into a long rain storm that lasted the through the last 200 miles or so. When we finally made it to Iowa, it could easily be said that Ed and I were pleased as punch. Then we got to the hotel. A REAL one this time. The Comfort Inn in LeClaire, IO was absolutely heaven, even in the rain. It sits directly across the Mississippi River. The room was gigantic and the beds were REALLY comfortable. We had a great recliner that easily could have doubled as a third bed. We both wanted to watch the Flyers/Devils Game 7 and so we went to the Supermarket next door and bought a freshly made pizza, soda, and snacks. The meal was great. The game was not. I even got a chance to talk to a friend in Ohio that I haven’t talked to in a couple of months. It looks to be a good nights sleep and another good jump on our last leg to Omaha.