Laws of Ed

Through my travels in life I have come to some universal Truths. So far I’m up to four of them. If you look around you will find that these are frighteningly accurate.

1) Any idea formed between two people is usually a bad idea. (See The Bus!)

A better way to describe this is when you and your friend come up with the same time. No one can remember who thought of the idea first, one of those ” popped in to my head” kind of things. An idle mind is the devil’s playground.

2) My problem is worse than yours because it is mine. And Vice Versa.

The human EGO is a powerful thing. It will not allow you to believe that anyone else has had the same or similar problem as you.

3) Just because I think you think one way does not mean that you think that way.

This is a tough one to explain. I guess it boils down to you will never understand someone untill you walk a mile in their shoes

4) The Truth.

No one can accept it. No one wants it. Try this on some one that you know. Tell a big lie about some thing, then tell the truth about that thing, then tell a little lie, once again, all about the same thing. You will find that people will tend to believe the little lie over the truth. It does not matter what order it’s in; small, truth, then big, or truth, big, then small, or any combination there of. People seem to feel better with the little lie.