Paintball Safety – or – How not to Check to See if You’re Out of Ammo. #3

So now that we have REALLY learned our lesson this time by having me make and example of my self, we all are now ever so careful not to do anything stupid. Really. Honestly. If you believe that I got a bridge to sell you. Now we are gone along, three months now without anything bad happening. In other words, we should have seen this coming. Rob has developed some problem with his gun. We have now switched over exclusively to the PGP Pistols because of the lower cost to keep armed and filled with co2. Now for some reason the co2 cartridge is not properly sitting in the gun and Rob was having trouble screwing in the bolt that held the co2. We call a time out on the playing field so we can help Rob fix his gun. The problem was there was some gunk on the tip of the cartridge not allowing it to seat in correctly. Now with the PGP Pistol, the paintballs are held in a chamber above the barrel. There is a small gap where you can see if there is any paintballs in the gun. However, there is practically no way to see if anything is in the chamber. I think you see where this is going. To start a new co2 cartridge you have to pump the gun once to break the seal and then once again to fill the chamber. Greg gets the gun all together and does the double pump to start the gun. Rob asks if it’s now working. Greg responds “Sure! See” turns toward Rob points it at his chest, not more than a foot away, and pulls the trigger. There was a ball chambered. Rob went down on one knee and clutched his chest all the while informing Greg that his parents were never married, and making other accusations.


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