Paintball Safety – or – Why You Sould not Play Paintball With a Sling Shot.

Ok, Mathew-San, Jim Maguire, and I use to be amateur anarchists. We one night suck out of our houses and decided to play paintball hide and seek through our neighborhood. Jim had the only gun, Matt used the sling shot and I was “Ammo-Boy” for Matt. We’ve were running around shooting up houses and generally having fun. Jim runs off into the woods and hides. Matt and I are sneaking around looking for him. “Wait,” Matt whispers. “He’s hiding over there. Behind those trees.” That boy has got to have the best vision in the world. I didn’t see squat. I hand a paintball after two to three minutes of arguing of where Jim was. “I’m going to hit him in the center of his forehead,” Matt says as he is drawing back the slingshot. He releases! Whizz! Splat! “AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!” We ran over to Jim to see what happened. He’s clutching his hand over his left eye, cursing like a sailor. Matt and I are trying our best not to laugh at the way he is stringing the curses together. We calm Jim down and try to get the details. Here’s what happened to Jim. He heard the snap of the slingshot and saw the paintball hanging in the air, growing. If any of you have ever played paintball, this means that you are going to get hit in the head. Realizing this, Jim stood up and moved to the right to get out of the way. He didn’t move fast enough got hit right in the left lens of his glasses. Popped the lens right out and cut him on the cheek.

Needless to say we didn’t ever do that again.

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