The Bathroom, The Fog Machine, and Me.

Ok, ready for this?

My friend Greg owns a professional grade fog machine.

The Tech Centre of TBS is in a remoulded two story house, with a full bathroom upstairs and a half bathroom or “powder room” down stairs. Just the loo and a sink.

One Evil Thought later, and I have snuck the fog machine into the office and stowed it away in the downstairs bathroom, under the sink.

Wait a week, just in case.

So, I make the announcement that if anyone needs me I’ll be in the john. I enter the bathroom, setup the fog machine, turn it on and let it rip! I had that thing running until it automatically shut off. I could not see my hand held out at arms length. I unplug the machine, wrap up the cables, and stepped out of the bathroom. Our office manager, Nancy, desk faces the bathroom, so I walk out, turn to her and say, “Do NOT, go in there!” and shut the door. She looks up at me an inquires “What was that?” I respond, “Ooohhh, Nothing.” “Open that door.” she commanded. I comply open the door, letting more of the fog waft out of the bathroom and close it again. Her eyes were the size of dish plates.

Now Rick turns a sees some smoke wafting across the top of her desk and his first thought was, oh it’s just Nancy’s cigarette smoke. At which point he realizes that there is to much smoke to be that. He stands up and comes over to Nancy’s desk, where she’s still starring at me in disbelief, and exclaims, “What the?!?!?!?!” I open the door and let some more smoke out. Rick busts out in hysterics.

Mind you all this time my boss, Jim has had his back turned to the whole situation. Added on to that he was busy on the phone and had not yet turned more that one quarter way around. Finally after ten minutes Jim turns around. I open the door. In the middle of a sentence about accounting software, he cuts to “Holy SHIT! The bathroom’s on fire! I’ll call you right back!” hangs up the phone and comes running over and stares in to the bathroom in disbelief.

Now here’s what the bathroom looked like. Looking into it was like looking into a portal to another dimension. It was a solid wall of fog that was slowly dissipating out into the hallway. I swear that if you your hand into it you couldn’t see it. Jim stepped into it and disappeared. This is only a 5′ by 5′ room that we are talking about. One sniff and Jim knew it wasn’t smoke, the fog juice had a strawberry sent to it.

I got into a little bit of trouble for pulling that prank.

I’m surprised that I did not loose my job.

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